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Cornwall LDC represents dental professionals from across the region and offers a single point of contact for practitioners to share ideas and discuss issues that affect the profession.

The LDC is made up of a group of representatives from practices across Cornwall, ensuring that all areas of the profession have a recognised advocate. As an organisation we are driven by promoting the interests, aspirations and welfare of dental practitioners. Our goal is to create a suitable platform from which we can share ideas and make decisions that affect our profession on a local level, these will then be taken into account by national bodies such as The British Dental Association (BDA).

The British Dental Association’s General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) holds regular meetings with representatives from LDCs across the nation. These meetings are used to exchange information, improve communication throughout the region and ensure that LDCs views are considered in the GDPCs national negotiations. This is why the work of Cornwall LDC is so important, so that our views and ideas are considered at a national level.


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Our aim is to provide you with a melting pot of resources where you can hear the latest industry news, find useful and relevant links and make sure you never miss an LDC meeting again.

We provide up to date listings on all the latest job opportunities and display informative articles and websites that may help to boost your career or pave the way to further training.

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